Seadamp Plus – the mooring system that fights pollution

Seadamp Plus: the new green mooring system that fights the sea pollution

Safeguarding the patrimony of the sea is everybody’s duty, but mainly of those who live the sea everyday for both passion and work. Today, choosing products that are eco-friendly is a necessary choice for whoever owns a boat: our seas need to be respected and helped in every moment: from navigation to the mooring phase. 

How many times do we stop to contemplate the beauty of the sea during our time on our boats? We search for the most crystal clear places to take a dive or simply to enjoy the serenity that the blue stretch of the sea conveys. Unfortunately though, we must come to terms with reality: our beloved sea is becoming a landfill, in which there are all kinds of garbage. Pollution of the marine ecosystem, result of years and years of intense exploitation, has become one of the most urgent emergencies to face. If we want to protect the marine welfare and continue enjoying the beauties it offers us, it is time for each of us to do our part.

About 80% of the garbage in the seas and oceans comes from the earth, and, therefore, men: 86 million tons of plastic navigate in our oceans alongside fertilizers, pesticides and chemical substances that severely damage the health of the sea water. Continuing to use such great amounts of damaging or not recyclable materials, such as plastic (which takes hundreds of years to decompose), will cause irreparable damage. If the situation doesn’t change soon, it is foreseen that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Towards the harbours of the future: smart, green and interconnected

This is why organizations such as Seares are extremely important in the fight against pollution. Integrating green, cutting edge technologies and materials in the nautical market is not only possible, but it also brings tangible results. We designed Seadamp Plus with the vision of taking concrete action: innovative mooring systems that allow us to take an active role in the green transition. Although we don’t directly realize it, producing electric energy has a high cost for the environment, especially in terms of C02 emissions. This is why we thought of a product that could face the electricity request of boat owners in a natural manner that could also match our vision of the harbours of the future. A place that is smart, interconnected and, especially, sustainable from an environmental point of view. As a matter of fact, the Industry 4.0 challenge doesn’t only involve the productive process optimization by integrating new technologies to already existing products and services, but rather, it also implies that this new industrial revolution has a positive impact on quality of life. More and more harbours are choosing this path, seeking all solutions capable of both improving services for clients and facilitating the green transformation.

Discover Seadamp Plus, friend of the sea

This new generation of dampers generates energy from the motion of the waves. Thanks to the internal mechatronic components, Seadamp Plus is capable of: 

  • dampening the swaying of the boat; 
  • converting motion to energy.

This way, the batteries of your boat will remain charged when it’s anchored or moored, without having to use highly polluting external energy sources (electric charging stations, etc.). All our products are made with materials that have a low impact on the environment. This is why they are friends of the sea: 

  • the hydraulic oils are biodegradable, not toxic and come from renewable sources; 
  • the stainless steels are resistant to corrosion guaranteeing a long life cycle; 
  • all materials are completely reusable. 

Combining the fourth industrial revolution with the nautical sector is our main goal and we are trying to encourage all passionates of the sector to find the most eco-friendly solution possible. The road to change is close and we all can, and should, do our part. Let’s protect the sea together starting from more sustainable choices: a green action today for a healthier, cleaner and safer sea tomorrow.


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