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How to choose the perfect mooring spring?

How to choose the perfect mooring spring? Here is Mauro’s feedback, who has been in the sailing world for over 30 years!

What does it mean to keep your boat safe with a nautical damper?
Let’s find out which devices you should use in order to improve life on board.

We often buy mooring springs in an automatic manner: we periodically repeat the purchase without taking into consideration solutions that would allow us to avoid waste of money. We are almost naturally used to thinking of springs as a disposable product that cannot be improved, but rather, it should be used as it is.
We have had this frustration for a long time, but it is exactly on this issue that we have worked on, and on which we have focused in order to completely rethink the concept of mooring springs.

For us, it isn’t just a device necessary to maintain our boat moored, but rather, it is the first support in a matter of safety. Classic springs always leave us a feeling of precariousness and insecurity, and, moreover, knowing that our boat is moored with systems that need to be periodically replaced due to usury, doesn’t help in feeling more serene.
Seadamps are designed around the concept of stability and safety: the damper is made of resistant materials that insure durability. The cutting-edge design scheme dampens the movement caused by waves in a more precise manner.

In this article you can read Mauro’s precious feedback, our client and boat owner for over 30 years, who has decided to rely on us for a long time. If you are also looking for a revolutionary mooring spring capable of changing life on board, in this feedback you will find interesting insights.

1. How did you discover the Seares mooring system?

During the many years I’ve spent sailing, I have often had to deal with several technical problems, but what always concerned me the most were the mooring springs. With time, the constant replacement of the ropes had become more an issue, rather than an opportunity of taking care of my boat. Moreover, when the boat is moored, I need to be certain that I am not taking any chances! The constant thought that my boat may have been damaged by bad weather made me more and more concerned, therefore I began a thorough research of new systems that could help me in a concrete manner.

I tried using many different mooring systems, however none of them satisfied me. After several experiences and plenty of research I discovered Seares and its products, particularly Seadamp EVO, that I have been using for several years now. EVO is the perfect union between safety and stability. Moreover, the product is completely eco-friendly, which quite impressed me.

2. What won you over?

During my research, the main goal was to find a product that would last in time, that could soften the wear of the ropes in the fairleads, that was safe, and, obviously, that wouldn’t harm the environment. With Seadamp EVO I really found a solution to all my problems: it allows you not only to avoid the annoying swaying of the boat while it is moored, but, also, thanks to the slow spring return, it avoids violent tugs to the ropes. It is a real nautical damper! Thanks to this resistant and not polluting product, I feel serene even during sea storms.
Moreover, life on bard has considerably improved since I have been using Seadamp EVO. The damping effect is able to stabilize the boat while it is moored and, therefore, I can enjoy moments of pure relaxation without worrying about annoying swaying movements.

3. In terms of cost savings, do you believe that Seadamp EVO could be a long-term investment?

Definitely. Constantly changing springs was quite expensive, especially because the low efficiency of the product caused me to have to change the ropes as well. This doesn’t happen as often anymore with Seadamp EVO.

4. Speaking of pollution, the sea is our great heritage. How much did the will to safeguard the marine environment influence your choice?

I love the sea, I spend most of my time with it and seeing the conditions it is heading towards is very painful. It was mainly Seares’ attention to the environmental factor that convinced me to make this purchase. All the products are made with stainless steel, which guarantee resistance and durability, and biodegradable oils. In case something were to happen, at least I am certain that I’m not harming my beloved sea.

5. Would you recommend this product to others?

Fortunately Seares’ products are thought for all types of boats. Moreover, they also have a line of products dedicated to customization and to large boats. Here is a piece of advice to all boat owners: rely on the Seares team because they will know how to direct you towards the best product according to your needs!


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