Seares loves the sea and it always takes care of it, making sure the materials and construction phases of its products are as eco-friendly as possible. Our Seadamps use eco-compatible and ecological oils and thanks to the recyclable oil and long-lasting raw materials, such as steel and aluminum, our products have a low environmental impact.


SEARES takes care of nature, using biodegradable oils in all its Seadamps, preventing marine pollution. The oils are produced by an important world partner such as Panolin® which certifies oil biodegrability (through the OECD 301B method), non-toxicity for aquatic environments and the origin from manufactured with renewable base oil.

The top oils quality used guarantees up to 5 times longer use than normal oils. This important feature allows you to change the Seadamps’ oil less frequently, reducing environment impact ( recycling and CO2 emitted for the production of the oil itself).

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Founded in 1949, PANOLIN is today an organized international group, well established in the market of industrial lubricants. The range of PANOLIN products covers all the needs of modern industry; the ECLs line in particular guarantees exceptional technical performance and at the same time ensures minimum environmental impact, in compliance with the most stringent regulations in force: rapid biodegradability, reduction of CO2 emissions by using raw materials from renewable sources wherever possible, and cost-effectiveness thanks to the extension of the intervals between one oil change and another.

For the nautical and marine sector PANOLIN proposes the GREENMARINE® line of lubricants. GREENMARINE® is the PANOLIN sustainability concept specific for this sector that allows to extend the technical, environmental and economic benefits of ecological lubricants (ECLs) to the whole boat, reducing their environmental impact. This is possible because PANOLIN’s ECLs line is able to cover the needs of an entire boat in all its lubrication points, ensuring better performance compared to its mineral-based equivalent products, thanks to the exclusive technology that PANOLIN laboratories have developed in the field of synthetic lubrication.


In the Seadamps production process we have kept the green factor in the foreground, making our entire line absolutely zero impact for the marine ecosystem.

We have chosen materials completely reusable: our Seadamps made by steel and aluminum alloy can be melted again making our products perfect in a circular economy view.


In addition to being innovative, the Seadamps are extremely resistant to adverse sea conditions and have a longer intrinsic life than any other damping system on the market

The Seadamps high resistance reduces both the impact on the planet (less CO2 emitted for their production) and the use of raw materials, thanks to the recyclable components.

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