Eco-sustainability: everybody’s responsibility

Eco-sustainability: everybody’s responsibility

This is why using (real) green products isn’t a choice anymore, but a duty.

Among the several ecosystems known on earth, the marine one is the vastest, as 70% of our planet is covered by ocean and sweet water. 

In the marine ecosystem, the energy flow is made possible by vegetable organisms rich with chlorophyll that, through the use of solar energy, transform inorganic substances of the environment into organic substances which are necessary for survival, leaving behind the result of such process (oxygen). 

These organisms, which are able to start photosynthesis, are the “producers” of the marine world and constitute the first ring of the food chain.

In a world in constant evolution, it’s impossible to accept and feed pollution produced by an excessive use of toxic material for the environment.

During this century, progress has found valid alternative solutions to avoid that elements and raw materials used for the creation of products of any kind may cause a harmful impact on the environment.

Eco-sostenibilità delfino

The Planet is our home and we should all pay careful attention in avoiding to attack it with substances that could ruin the ecosystem. 

A first essential step is choosing Green products. Purchasing from companies that demonstrate to care about the environment and that are constantly committed to designing solutions with a low environmental impact is an action that supports those who really believe in change. 

Safeguarding our environment should be an automatic process and it should be a constant commitment for those who address the sea. This is why we, of Seares, have always taken care of it, making sure that the materials and the construction phases of our products are as eco-friendly as possible.

The right conditions

Our Seadamps use ecological oils that arrive from renewable sources. Moreover, thanks to the use of long-lasting raw materials, such as steel and aluminium, they are characterized by a low environmental impact.

Eco-sostenibilità  tartaruga

Use of biodegradable Oils

The biodegradable oils we use are produced by an important global partner that certifies the biodegradability and the non-toxicity for marine environments. 

These characteristics are confirmed through the compliance with the eco label European Eco Label of Panolin®.

It’s a line of GREENMARINE®  lubricants characterized by the union of technical, environmental and economic benefits for the entire boat. 

The excellent quality of the oils guarantees a use 5 times superior to standard oils. This characteristic allows us to change the oil of our Seadamps with less frequency and decreases its environmental impact.

Use of recyclable materials

The materials we chose are completely reusable:our Seadamps, made of steel and aluminium alloy, can be melted making our products perfect under a circular economy point of view.

Our products’ long lasting characteristic

Besides being innovative, our Seadamps are extremely resistant to the adverse conditions of the sea and have an intrinsic durability which is longer than any other damping system on the market.

This high resistance reduces both the impact on the planet and the use of raw materials, thanks to its recyclable components. 

We can therefore affirm that such characteristics constitute the keywords for the success of an excellent sustainable product.

Our company has always had the topic of sustainability at heart.

For these reasons every day we commit to guaranteeing a deep respect for nature and the marine ecosystem. Seares has always loved the sea!

Watch out for the Greenwashing phenomenon

A widespread phenomenon is the Greenwashing one. During the last few years the eco sustainability theme has become a real macro trend and consumers have unavoidably developed a deep sensitivity towards the topic. This is why companies have begun to communicate more and more frequently the eco-friendly decisions they have made. 

But careful!

With the Greenwashing term, one means a whole series of business communication strategies with the goal of building a misleading positive image of the company under an environmental point of view. 


This strategy has the goal to divert the attention of the public from the negative effects that one’s activity and products have on the environment. 

We aren’t, therefore, talking about real decisions and data, but rather of an actual “conscience clearing”.


For these reasons we work to constantly spread real information that certifies our commitment to the environmental cause by participating in industry fairs and receiving important awards.

In this regard, we are holders of the SAIL TO THE SUNSHINE AWARD dedicated to people and businesses that, in the nautical sector, have contributed to developing and reinforcing the Made in Italy brand on a global level and to the development of initiatives linked to the nautical world and to the safeguarding of the marine environment during the past and current year. 


If you wish to know more, discover all the advantages of our Green products here 



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