Seares mooring spring and quality ropes

Seadamp mooring system: perfect for a safe winter storage

Seadamp mooring system is perfect for a safe winter storage and, if partnered with excellent quality ropes, it provides a perfect mooring and it extends the life cycle of such ropes. 

The winter storage process certainly isn’t simple. There are certain practical aspects that you shouldn’t underestimate. Leaving your boat moored in a harbour means having to carry out a series of necessary precautionary activities to protect it from its main enemies: climate and strong wind, coastal storms, wear, solar rays and mold.

During the winter, many things can go wrong. Preventing damages caused by winter disasters is important! But how?


Bad weather and wind can cause serious problems for an unattended moored boat.

Seadamp mooring systems represent a guarantee all on their own. However, if they are partnered with high quality ropes, they represent an excellent solution that provides greater security of the boat and a longer durability of all its components. 



When talking about mooring ropes, the elements to keep in mind in order to make a good choice are: type of manufacturing, material and size. Elements that influence the elasticity, resistance and durability of a mooring rope.

  • Length of the rope. In order to achieve a permanent mooring, it’s good practice to have of a fixed length 
  • Type of manufacturing and material. The best and most resistant material is, without a doubt, polyester. 
  • Type of manufacturing. There are many types and they are designed according to the weight and type of boat. 


In order to preserve the stability of the ropes, it’s essential to partner them up with a safe and resistant damper. In case of coastal storms, or any other accident, the ropes will maintain their function without the risk of ripping or causing any problems to the moored boat. 

In order to preserve the quality and the characteristics of the mooring springs, it’s important to purchase quality ropes that, in case of coastal storms or other accidents, don’t rip, therefore causing problems during the mooring phase. 



Seadamp mooring systems fully carry out their absorption and the innovative function of dissipating every movement of the moored boat. The internal components are resistant to the corrosive action of the sea. All our products guarantee mechanical characteristics which are constant in time and a life cycle that is 4 years superior to the products of competitors. 

In conclusion, if a Seadamp is partnered with excellent quality ropes, their characteristics will generate even more favourable conditions for the boat. 

Besides the already listed characteristics, among the advantages, we remind you that if you purchase a Seadamp and stipulate an insurance policy with Vittoria Assicurazioni, thanks to the discounts, you will obtain a convenient final price compared to the ones of competitors and a free yearly renewal of the current insurance policy.


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