Energy from the waves

Seares loves the sea, its waves and its power.

In fact, the company’s name comes from the combination of “Sea” and “Res”, meaning both “research” and “res” (from the Latin “thing, wealth”): research applied to “things of the sea”. Movement, dynamism, strength and energy are the values which Seares’ philosophy is based on and which have enabled it to develop the innovative mooring system that obtains clean energy from wave motion.

An inexhaustible source of energy

Wave energy is the new frontier of the future. The benefits are many:

  • it is an inexhaustible source of energy
  • it does not pollute
  • it does not cause any damage to land
  • it can produce large amounts of energy
  • it has a higher potential efficiency than solar energy
  • always active in all weather conditions

Seares cares for the sea

All Seares products use environmentally-friendly oils from renewable sources. Moreover, thanks to the use of durable raw materials such as steel and aluminium, the products have a low environmental impact.

Seadamp Olio biodegradabile Energia delle onde


Seadamp PLUS

SMART Mooring for harvesting energy from the seawaves

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Seadamp FX

SMART Anchoring for any floating bodies

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