Genoa Boat Show, 60th edition: A true success!

Salone Nautico di Genova, 60° edizione: un vero successo!

2020 Genoa Boat Show. On October 6th our experience at the Genoa Boat Show ended.

This event is the only boat show that took place in Europe during the Covid-19 emergency and it was sold out!

An immersive adventure between technology and innovation in which new and older brands, but also many fond visitors from all over the continent, participated.

An event that took place in total safety and the engine for a sector that promotes Made in Italy and that activates 12 billion dollars of added value of revenue with over 180 thousand workers in the entire industry.

We are, therefore, pleased to have participated in the Boat Show this year too. The many visits to our stand of old clients gave us the right energy to continue doing our best in each of our projects. 

Many of them came to compliment us for the functionalities of our Seadamps, stating that our dampers worked so perfectly during bad coastal storms that their boat neighbors became quite curious about the product. We are therefore pleased to have received confirmations of the fact that our products guarantee the qualities that make them unique and that the difference between Seadamps and normal mooring dampers is quite obvious.


During the 2020 edition, we were happy to present our news: the app that enjoyed a great success and aroused curiosity. Our App allows our clients to receive priority assistance and thanks to the IoT system, it’s possible to verify the state of mooing and of battery charge on board. Many other functions will be presented during the official launch of the app. 

We decided to renew it completely, organizing the exposition of every product in a clear and organized manner. 

The presentation of our collaboration with Vittoria Assicurazioni Insurance enjoyed great success. Many visitors were surprised to know that an insurance agency validates our products to the point that it offers our clients the possibility of receiving discounts and important benefits during the stipulation of the insurance policy. 

In conclusion, we can state that this experience turned out positively and stimulating from every point of view.


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