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Be a part of the METSTRADE show. Connect with marine leisure professionals from over 116 different nationalities in Amsterdam. The METSTRADE show has been the platform of choice for professionals to exchange know-how, build long-lasting relationships and create high-quality leads since 1988. It provides you with a global presence from which you can benefit all year round.

During the exhibition important prizes will be awarded including the a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>DAME DESIGN AWARDS, the BOAT BUILDER AWARDS and the IBEX INNOVATION AWARDS; all these awards have a very important international value and an important attention to the art and science of design and innovation.


Seares will be present in HALL 5 at STAND 264

mappa metstrade 2019 Seares


Seares was born with the aim of revolutionizing the mooring systems. Some of the numerous devices currently on the market are completely or partially inefficient, resulting in an unsafe and uncomfortable mooring for those who live on the boat.
Some traditional mooring systems inefficiencies may be excessive noise, rapid oxidation or corrosion, a progressive deterioration of mechanical parts that wear out the mooring lines, generating little reliability over time, both static and dynamic. All these problems are overcome by the innovative Seadamp hydraulic damper designed for boating. Thanks to quality, materials and components submerged in oil bath (totally green) Seadamp increases the comfort for customers living on board, making the mooring silent. It does not fear oxidation (can be used in and out of the water) and makes mooring secure with a 3 year warranty.
Seares Seadamp EVO Dame 2019 Nominaton

The Innovation

During 2019 edition Seares not only confirms its innovative products such as Seadamp STEEL, the nautical mooring replacing old mooring springs, but it also presents two technological innovations. The Seadamp EVO, evolution of the STEEL model, designed for smaller boats in terms of dimension and weight (up to 13 tons) and the innovative Seadamp PLUS, a big step forward for Seares, allowing on board battery recharge taking advantage of sea waves motion, without using precious space on board.

Every Seares product offer innumerable advantages, such as:

  • Greater comfort on board as the damping action is enormously more effective than the competitors products;
  • Mooring safety, in fact Seadamps reduces serious overloads issues suffered by the mooring lines;
  • Silent mooring system, without unpleasant squeaks as the whole damping system is completely oil-bathed (100% green and biodegradable);

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