Seares has been awarded the Premio ANGI – Oscar for Innovation!

We are honoured to announce that Seares has been awarded the Premio ANGI – Oscar for Innovation!

It is something unexpected for us to receive awards and recognition for our work and when it happens is always an immense joy.  

It is ANGI, the National Association of Young Innovators, that is awarding us the 2022 prize in the Aerospace and Robotics category for our revolutionary mechatronic products with PLUS technology.  

To find out how our award-winning technology can change the world of mooring, here is the link to the Seadamp PLUS page, and to discover how it can revolutionise offshore anchoring, click on the Seadamp FX page. 

The award ceremony took place on December 1st at the prestigious Ara Pacis museum in Rome, where we were unable to attend in person due to circumstances beyond our control, but where we were present with our hearts.

The event was full of energy and enthusiastic young people, with a desire to change things and who chose to do so with their start-ups; the passion and desire to innovate was strong and palpable at the Ara Pacis. 

During the ceremony important Italian start-ups were awarded, companies that are present on the pages of the most important international tech magazines and that are helping Italy to move away from its reputation as only a shaper of minds and never a cradle of start-ups.  

Being nominated alongside so many Made in Italy excellences was truly exciting and meaningful for us.  

This award is the proof of the great work we are doing as a team.  

Seares is creating something truly unique and revolutionary, able to change the world of mooring and anchoring of every floating body, combining safety and stability with smart monitoring capabilities and the ability to convert wave energy into green electricity. 

For those who were not present or missed the live stream on, here is the link to the presentation ceremony and some photos. 

Thank you very much ANGI it was a pleasure. 

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