Seares accelerates its growth in international markets


Seares accelerates its growth in international markets.

The innovative wave energy company signs important commercial agreements in France, Spain and the Netherlands

Livorno, February 2022. Seares is pleased to announce important distribution agreements with major international players: VDM-Reya, the reference distributor in the French market, Recambios Marinos, the fulcrum of nautical distribution in Spain, and Belship, the historic wholesaler for the marine industry in the Netherlands. This is an important result for an innovative company like Seares, which confirms its growth in the European market with an eye to internationalisation.

Seares is an innovative Italian company that has made wave energy its philosophy. Its new internationally patented mooring and anchoring system transforms the wave motion resulting from the oscillation of boats and floating structures into clean energy to keep on-board batteries charged and for the entire electrical system of ports and marinas, which can also be applied to other industries such as aquaculture and wind turbines.

Seares, closed 2021 with a total investment round of €900,000, underwritten by CDP Venture Capital Sgr’s Fondo Rilancio Startup, Selected Investments and other private investors. Healthy and solid growth also in the financial sphere for the company, which further validates its strength by pursuing trends in line with market interest.

Giorgio Cucè, CEO and founder of Seares S.r.l., highlights the good results of the year that has just begun: “We are very pleased to have reached these commercial agreements with such important international players: they give us double validation of our products in terms of quality, safety and production scalability, confirming the validity of the investments we have made to increase the production capacity of all our products, especially the mechatronic ones.
The acquisition of these strategic alliances gives even more impulse and concreteness to the market share acquisitions for the achievement of the important internationalisation goals of our products and services.



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