Seares wins innovation call for tenders A – MaReSP project


innovation announcement A – “MARESP project”

The Regional Operational Program is one of the most important regional programs through which Tuscany and Europe, through co-financing, support investment projects, especially of companies, but also from the public sector
The objective of the program is to promote qualified development, within an environmentally sustainable framework, through the enhancement of the companies’ competitiveness and the whole “Tuscan System”, consequently growing the economy and job opportunities.

Market Readiness of Seadamp Plus

Seares ammortizzatore nauticolo molla d'ormeggio Seadamp Plus ArticoloSeatec2019

Seares srl was established in July 2018 and developed the Seadamp Plus, the concept represented in an international patent concerning an energy recovery mooring system, part of the wave energy generation category. Seares also holds the intellectual property of a more conventional hydraulic damper, the Seadamp, available in various sizes for boats and ships with displacement from 12 to 55 tons.

The Seadamp Plus is a mechatronic device that resolves two problems:

  • the safety and stability of the mooring and anchoring of floating bodies;
  • the small energy needs of a floating body (generating enough energy to keep the engine and service batteries charged, or to supply data collection systems, with distributed intelligence, or IoT communication).

Furthermore, the Seadamp Plus is a mechatronic product prepared for adaptive functionality, for which the green aspects are an added positive effect to the safety and comfort of the mooring.

The basic Seadamp already addresses the market for medium-sized pleasure crafts. For a greater spread of the product, such as to interest distributors and traders in the nautical sector, it is necessary to support the growth of production volumes.

Seares has two complementary methods:

  • development and tooling for small series production of the Evo version. The Evo is a lighter and more compact version of the Seadamp, suitable for boats from 5t to 13t. Even if it involves entry into a lower-priced segment with more competitors, the expected production volumes are higher and the spread can be more extensive;
  • the productive equipping of the Seadamp for small series production, once sufficient sales volumes have been reached to generate economies of scale.

Both products have been developed with standard versions that are mainly aimed at recreational boating; however, customized products are also provided, e.g. for floating structures such as piers, buoys or breakwaters, or for ships with displacements over 70t.
The project consists of activities to accompany the market launch and the production of small-scale production of all three products.

Sponsoring The Project

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