Seares presents the new Seadamps at Seatec 2019

Seares presents the new Seadamps at Seatec 2019

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Also this year Seares is present at the Seatec of Carrara, International Exhibition of Technologies and Subcontracting and Design for Boats, Yachts and Ships aimed at the professional operator (companies, construction sites and sector media), which here finds the best components and technologies for nautical and shipbuilding, in addition to the market of composite materials in the various fields of application.

Numerous prizes are awarded during the exhibition, among them we mention Qualitec Design Award and GreenTec which respectively guarantee a certain added value that from year to year enriches the trade event with new contents and proposals. At the center of attention, as always, is nautical design and technological innovation. A special focus also on environmental sustainability with the GreenTec award, to reward products or services that best meet green criteria. Awards that Seares has won with its products in past editions.

The state of the art of nautical mooring

Seares was born with the aim of revolutionizing the mooring system. The numerous devices currently on the market have  several malfunctions that make the mooring unsafe or uncomfortable for those who live the boat. Some examples may be excessive noise, the tendency to oxidation or corrosion, a progressive deterioration of the mechanical parts that generate poor reliability over time, static and dynamic, which wear out the mooring lines. All these problems are overcomed thanks to our nautical damper quality and type of materials and components in oil bath (totally green) we can ensure a silent mooring that does not fear oxidation (inside and outside the water) nor deterioration, so we can guarantee its effectiveness for 5 years.

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In 2019 Seares edition, in addition to confirming its innovative products such as Seadamp STEEL, the nautical mooring that replaces old mooring springs, presents two technological innovations. Seadamp EVO, little brother of the STEEL model, aimed for boats of smaller size and weight compared to its big brother. Also, with the innovative Seadamp PLUS,  Seares goes one step further. In fact, this device is able to recharge  on-board batteries using sea weaves motion without occupying space on board.
Every Seares product offer countless advantages, such as:

  • Greater comfort on board since damping action is enormously more effective than the products offered by competition;
  • Mooring safety as our Seadamps reduce and prevent anchorage problems even after severe overloads on the mooring line
  • Silent mooring system, without unpleasant squeaks as the whole damping system is internal and 100% green.

Intro Seadamp EVO

The Seadamp EVO is the smallest Seadamp of the innovative shock absorber family; it is silent and long lasting for a stable and safe mooring. The damper is constructed with internal aluminum alloys making it very light, while high-quality stainless steels ensures structural and corrosion resistance.
We at Seares take deep care about sea health and to prove that we only use 100% biodegradable hydraulic fluid for our dampers

Intro Seadamp PLUS

Seadamp Plus introduces a new approach to battery charging: an intelligent energy collection system that integrates high efficiency 12 or 24 VDC generators alongside a smart electric load management system. The Seadamp PLUS electrical connector is easy to use thanks to its shape that prevents a wrong connection as well as enriching the sophisticated design of the damper.
Thanks to the luminous led, IoT- ready technological core and the RFID we are able to supply numerous additional solutions to our Hi-Tech product, like battery recharge status (recharge, full recharge, overload, etc.)

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